committment to excellence

Decades of Experience


I started as a boy, tearing things apart to see how they worked; cars, computers, anything my mom wouldn't punish me for investigating.  It continued through adulthood and an x-ray processor and service company.  Bachelor's degree later I found myself in the automation, manufacturing, and waste water industries as a Control Engineer and find the work highly rewarding.  Each job is different, each situation needing a thorough plan for success.  

All Areas


I have programmed, installed, built, retro fitted, and trouble shot just about every system, design software, remote access and monitoring the world has to offer.  I have been flown to remote areas of the world to 'fix it' not knowing what I would encounter and came home successful. 

This is my commitment to you, the job done the right way; from planning, drawing, programming, building, implantation, integration, trouble shooting, I've done it all and want to do it for you. 

Each job is unique


If I have learned one thing over the last 20 years its that each job is unique. Even if it's the seventh basin at at water treatment plant, things can take a loop back to normal.  Why?  Your on-site electrician (who will wire the panels up) isn't likely to be the same as last time...and sometimes they are a bit over confidant in their reading of schematics, too hurried to check the system- All I'm saying is, whatever the problem is, I can be the solution.  WE can work together to get your controls and automation systems built, ironed out, updated, automated, remote accessed, or even an entire retro-fit.  NO job is too big or small.